Medical School USMLE Step 1

Summer Medical Student Fellowship

Join our team over the summer to build medical education content through our exclusive fellowship.

Are you a medical student looking for opportunities for the summer? Do you have an passion for medical education? Looking to get paid to study for the USMLE Step 1 exam?

If you answered yes to any of the above, apply for the Pixorize Summer Medical Education Fellowship! Pixorize is offering a brand-new opportunity for medical students to get involved in building high-quality content for medical education. Fellows will be compensated $6000 over a 10-week period, in which they will work closely with Pixorize leadership to create visual mnemonics for topics including biochemistry, immunology, genetics, and more. This position allows for remote work, although being physically located in NYC is an advantage.

Applications for Summer 2020 are now open. Apply for the fellowship here:

Specific Requirements

  • Currently Enrolled Medical Student. Must be a currently enrolled medical student at an accredited MD or DO program.
  • Top Test Taker. As demonstrated by a top 5 percentile MCAT score. Strong thinkers are necessary to teach at the highest level.
  • Be Familiar with Pixorize. Preference will be given to those with a demonstrated appreciation for our content, platform, and its capabilities.
  • Passion for Medical Education. We are looking for contributors who are passionate about teaching and presenting material that will help future clinicians.
  • Regular Expressions. Familiar with or willing to learn regular expressions and syntax for systematic word search using dictionaries.
  • Google Drive. Must be familiar with collaborative tools and Google Drive/Docs.

General Requirements

  • Attention to Detail. Interns are expected to deliver top-quality, scientifically accurate information.
  • Strong Visuospatial Skills. Candidates should be able to visualize objects and stories in their head.
  • Organized. Interns are responsible for logging completion of tasks using our existing task assignment system, and will be expected to adhere to deadlines.
  • Independent. Able to work independently and accept full ownership for quality and timeliness of work.
  • Strong Communicator. Able to communicate abstract concepts clearly and concisely, able to work with other team members in an entrepreneurial environment.
  • Coachable. Able to ask for feedback and learn from mistakes.


  • Get Money to Study. Fellows will receive a $6000 stipend for the 10 week duration.
  • Recognition. Fellows will have their names featured on content that they contribute to, as well as on our team page.
  • Free Subscriptions. All Fellows will receive free access to Pixorize, with an subscription active until the completion of their medical studies.
  • Strengthen your Resume. Build experience as an contributor to content that reaches thousands of future clinicians, and leadership experience as an ambassador for Pixorize.
  • Build your Network. Meet other medical students and clinicians passionate about medical education.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Again, the application can be found here:

For any questions please reach out at

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