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Average COMLEX Level 1 Score by Specialty

What COMLEX Level 1 score do you need to match into your desired specialty? Find out by reading this post.

Every year, the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) publishes reports containing data specifically about osteopathic students in the residency match (NRMP). We’ve compiled data from the 2018 Match into the table below summarizing average COMLEX Step 1 scores by specialty.

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Average COMLEX Level 1 Scores by Specialty for the 2018 Match

US Osteopathic Seniors
Specialty Matched Unmatched
Anesthesiology 571 483
Child Neurology 547 466
Dermatology 614 621
Diagnostic Radiology 613 540
Emergency Medicine 569 514
Family Medicine 506 475
General Surgery 613 554
Internal Medicine 554 465
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics 549 475
Interventional Radiology 626 657
Neurological Surgery 621 570
Neurology 552 493
Obstetrics and Gynecology 568 507
Orthopaedic Surgery 680 581
Pathology 558 505
Pediatrics 526 465
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 535 486
Psychiatry 514 486
All Specialties  547 509

Data adapted from: NRMP, Charting Outcomes in the Match


While your COMLEX Level 1 score is not the only factor determining your competitiveness for residency, it remains an important factor differentiating osteopathic students who match from others who do not. Preparation for the COMLEX Level 1 is extremely important in achieving your best score, and resources like Pixorize can help you master biochemistry and basic sciences on the exam.

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