Apply for the Pixorize MCAT Content Fellowship

Help build content that reaches thousands of students while building content expertise in healthcare.

Pixorize is passionate about educating the best generation of clinicians and healers, and we want to empower others who share our passion for medical education. We would like to invite interested medical students to apply to become a Pixorize MCAT Fellow! This is a competitive application, with a limited number of selected applicants. The application form can be found here: https://forms.gle/Ak8ych3ENKfHMow99. This is a rolling application, and priority will be given to applicants who apply early.

Pixorize MCAT Fellow


  • Scored in the top 5 percentile on the MCAT exam (517+).


  • Be recognized. Contributors will have their names featured on content that they contribute to, including our images/videos and blog posts.
  • Get Free Perks. After the initial 3 months, contributing Fellows will receive free access to Pixorize, with an subscription active for 3 years.
  • Get Paid to Study. Contributors are compensated a stipend for scripts, blog posts, and other content they produce.
  • Strengthen your Resume. Build experience as an contributor to content that reaches thousands of future clinicians, and leadership experience as an ambassador for Pixorize.
  • Build your Network. Meet other students and clinicians passionate about education.


  • Contribute. Fellows can contribute by making scripts for our videos to teach other medical students, writing blog posts, or by building content relevant to medical school and the MCAT exam.
  • Communicate. To help unify our goals and vision, you will be expected to maintain regular communication by email and the occasional phone call/web meeting with the Pixorize leadership.
  • Provide Feedback. We want to hear what is working and what can be improved so we can provide a product that best addresses the needs of medical students.

We look forward to receiving your application! For any questions please email us at info@pixorize.com.

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